Ryan Lindsay

Renewable Energy Technician

Adrian Mohammed

Master Electrician

Rajan Rathnavalu


Newo’s Global Community

Newo owes its success to a wide community network of supporters and friends from across Alberta, Canada and around the world. While this page features only a few, we recognize that this is a small sample of the many who help make our good work possible.


Adrian Mohammed

Adrian, Newo’s Master Electrician, is an authorized ISO Auditor and National Construction Safety Officer. Adrian’s background includes a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work, as well as both small-scale and large-scale automation. Adrian is a certified solar installer with Solar Energy International and has valuable experience working with both generation systems and PV installation. In addition to his electrical experience Adrian has spent over a decade working in customer service.

Ryan Lindsay

Ryan is Newo’s renewable energy technician. He is an apprentice electrician, certified solar installer and designer with Solar Energy International. Ryan came into the electrical field as a dedicated PV installer in the solar industry, and continues to specialize in the development and installation of solar PV with Newo.

Rajan Rathnavalu

Raj is a co-founder of Newo and longstanding advocate for linking healthy communities and healthy ecologies. Alongside work at the University of Alberta where he is co-founder and coordinator for Spirit of the Land (www.spiritoftheland.ca), Raj directs Newo’s education and charitable goals as he completes an MA in education at the University of Calgary.