As founder and president, Raj oversees Newo’s development, education programs and charitable projects while completing his MA in education at the University of Calgary.


Adrian is Newo’s master electrician, a certified solar installer with Solar Energy International and an authorized ISO Auditor and National Construction Safety Officer. His background includes a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work.


James manages the office when he’s not on a roof installing solar systems. He will start his teaching degree in fall 2018 to pursue his dream of becoming an elementary school teacher.


Shane leads Newo’s permaculture and gardening division. His passion for growing things began in his grandmother’s garden at the age of four.


Ryan is an experienced renewable energy technician entering his 3rd year electrical apprenticeship. He is a founding member of Newo’s board and also a budding country music star.


Patrick recently graduated with a Bachelor of Management degree at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus. His main focuses are on Newo’s solar division and marketing efforts. In the future, Patrick hopes to become a sustainability expert.


When she’s not teaching people how to stretch and stay calm as a yoga teacher, Treva heads up Newo’s fundraising as part of her passion and love for the outdoors.



Following a career as a school teacher and then avid world traveler, Margaret now heads Newo’s public relations and marketing department.


Roy is a key advisor to Newo, having named the company for the Cree word for ‘4’ – representing harmony with the four elements of earth, fire, water and wind.

Newo’s Global Community

Newo owes its success to a wide community network of supporters and friends from across Alberta, Canada, and around the world. This page is a small sample of countless friends and colleagues who help make our good work possible.