The Alberta government has just announced rebates for solar installations on residential and commercial buildings. The government is committed to $36 million with possible increases. Here is the break down:

For Residential Solar Installations:

  • $0.75 per Wattage
  • Anything below 15 kW in size
  • The full amount being less than 30% of the total cost or $10,000

For Commercial Solar Installations:

  • $0.75 per Wattage
  • Anything below 5 MW in size
  • The full amount being less than 25% of the total cost or $500,000

This program is available for customers with electricity service and properties located in Alberta that meet the following requirements:

  • The solar photovoltaic (PV) system must be grid connected
  • System must not be eligible for the Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP), the Alberta Indigenous Solar Program, Growing Forward On-Farm Solar Photovoltaics Program, or any other provincial solar incentive program that may follow
  • Must not have received an incentive for a solar PV system on the same property under this program or other provincial solar incentives
  • Combined incentives from government programs must not exceed 100% of system cost
  • Must own the property or have long-term rights to the property with sufficient solar exposure
  • System is designed and installed by a qualified installer (not self-installed) and system components meet the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements for electrical safety, or equivalent certification to applicable Canadian standards.

Refference: Efficiency Alberta, Residential and Commercial Programs: (

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