The future is not just about renewable technologies, but also about a new way of approaching community growth, ecology and economy.

Newo is committed to helping students of all levels to foster healthy relations and outlooks that will help us transform present-day challenges with future generations in mind.

In addition to solar PV design and installation, Newo’s educators cover a wide range of topics including environmental stewardship, clean energy, mental health, reconciliation, and new models for community health and growth.

Projects include:

Métis Nation of Alberta — Energy Efficiency Education Presentations

In the summer of 2019, Newo partnered with the Métis Nation of Alberta to deliver energy efficiency education to Métis Nation citizens. Newo travelled to 18 communities, from Fort Vermilion to Lethbridge, within the six MNA regions of Alberta to deliver energy efficiency tips within a Métis context. This meant incorporating stories of cultural significance and connecting energy reductions with positive outcomes to local ecology.

Yellowhead Tribal Council Development Foundation — Training and Solar Installation

Newo partnered with Yellowhead Tribal Council Development Foundation to offer a 10-day solar PV training for Indigenous youth in 2018, and provided a three-month training program for professionals in 2019. From these training programs, Newo provided steady summer employment for four trainees and continues to work with Yellowhead to develop programming and green economy employment opportunities.

Bissell Centre — Training and Solar Installation

In 2018, Newo and the Bissell Centre were awarded an EcoCity Edmonton grant to train Bissell program participants and install a 24.96 kW solar system (completed March 2020) with a live solar training array that can be dismantled and reassembled for hands-on installation experience. This system and training program provides people with barriers to employment an opportunity to be trained and enter the emerging green energy industry. Read more…

iHuman Youth Society — Training and Solar Installation

In August 2020, seven iHuman Youth Society trainees took part in a five-day solar training program that included hands-on experience on the Bissell Centre training array. Two trainees have been selected for employment on the upcoming 55-kW rooftop solar installation at iHuman, an organization that has helped hundreds of youth beat the odds and become contributing members of society.