As a not-for-profit company, Newo’s primary aim is to foster healthy communities alongside healthy ecosystems. Newo is committed to working with communities across Canada and around the globe to build the world we all wish for our children and grandchildren.

If you have an idea, or would like to help, please give us a call. We are grateful for all your support and good wishes.

The following is a brief overview of Newo’s partnerships and initiatives:

Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards

Along with the Alberta Association for Life Wide Living and Maskwa & Associates, Newo is a co-host for the 2019 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards ( in the month of September throughout the Battle River Watershed, with the main ceremony to be held in Maskwacis.

Aki Energy, Manitoba

Newo is partnering with Aki Energy ( to develop solar training for First Nations communities in Manitoba and across Canada. These projects use local solar installations to develop skills and build local capacity. Alongside solar training, Newo will work with local schools and elders to share and explain the benefits of clean energy and how it aligns with traditional culture and values.

Battle River Watershed Alliance (BRWA), Alberta:

Newo Global Energy and BRWA have partnered to provide climate change education for the Battle River watershed region. In the fall of 2017, Newo supported BRWA’s 2017 climate change bike tour through central Alberta.

Reconciliation Education

Newo works with Roy and Judy Louis of Maskwa & Associates ( to offer education on reconciliation. Most recently we partnered to facilitate a blanket exercise at Our Lady of Mount Pleasant School in Camrose, Alberta.

Habitat for Humanity, Alberta

We are currently working with Habitat for Humanity to develop a number of projects in Camrose, Alberta.

Global Education for Girls and Women

Far ahead of solar PV technology, it is important to educate and empower girls and women if we are to address climate change and global problems ( Newo is currently in discussion with local community organizations in Nepal to enhance education programming for young girls and women.