Newo receives two EcoCity Edmonton 2018 grants with our partners Yellowhead Tribal Development Foundation & Windsor Park Community League

A Newo spin on the business of renewable energy (Camrose Canadian)

“Most small business just want to support their family and do right by their community. Our business builds on that principal and that value and makes it explicit in our company DNA.”

Newo Global Energy Now Available in Red Deer (Lacombe Online)

“From a western perspective we understand very well industrial enterprise, and we are very good at doing that. And the indigenous world view takes into account deeper spiritual connections that underlie those relationships.”

Augustana grads bringing a broader perspective to the world of small business (Augustana Medium)

“Working as a nonprofit we built something together that was about not trying to keep everything for yourself,” says Lindsay.

TELUS Video: Newo Global Energy


Simon Irving: Non-Profit Program Coordinator (Augustana Alumni Profile)

“I love that I wake up every day knowing my work aligns with my values. We are working to create a different future and a better world.”

Powerful women, forgotten skills, and lost connections (Green Calgary)

“It was Rajan Rathnavalu from Newo Global Energy who stole the show for me… With very few powerpoint slides and whole lot of heart, Rajan lead us through his story and how Newo came to be. We talked about wahkohtowin – a Cree word meaning kinship and connectedness.”

Newo Gives Back (New Energy Economy)

“When you look to serving community first, there is a sense of deep satisfaction and happiness that comes from knowing your actions are doing good in the world. That spirit reflects what I hope the new economy will look like.”

Retrofitting a new start for refugees (Camrose Canadian)

“We see it as a win-win-win. We’re hiring local people in town that are having a bit of trouble getting good work, we’re saving water and we’re also saving money at the same time.”

Don’t flush money down the drain (Camrose Booster)

“Business is the way forward and our generation is told we are the ones who need to save the planet. This is a way we can do business and help the planet as well.”