Good for the Planet & Pocketbook 

With the health of future generations in mind, more people are considering clean energy alternatives. And with substantial Alberta government rebates coming for both residential and commercial solar installations, there has never been a better time for solar.

Our Process

With experience in residential, rural, and commercial solar installations, we can help you find the best solution for your energy requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. The following lists the steps involved in a typical solar installation from initial site assessment to monitoring system performance after installation:

  1. Initial Assessment

    Following an initial consultation with Newo it will be nessasary to obtain site specific information on the location where the instillation will take place including roof or site dimensions,  electrical capacity, and the identification of obstructions such as trees.  This assessment can take a number of forms: for new construction, architectural drawings will often be sufficient, and in some cases detailed satellite images may be available for a small fee. Before we begin any install, we will arrange an in-person visit, but that may not be necessary for an initial assessment.

  2. System Design and Quote

    Once we have received all relevant information from a site assessment Newo will design a solar system that matches your budget, energy needs and the dimensions of your site providing you with a detailed description of the design and cost of your system.

  3. Financing and Subsidies

    Along with the quote for your solar system Newo’s sales staff would also be happy to explain all applicable government rebates and leasing programs that may be available to reduce the upfront cost of your system.

  4. Installation and Permitting

    Once you accept the quote and system design our experienced staff will take on every aspect of the installation process including all necessary permitting and applications.

  5. Final Consultation and Monitoring

    Following instillation our staff will be available to answer any questions you have about your system. Additionally, upon request Newo can also install a monitoring system to display live production data and other information on how your new system is functioning.


Financing Options

Newo Global Energy has partnered with a number of suppliers and investors in the solar industry to provide financing options to help reduce the upfront costs of installing solar.  Contact us to see if you may be eligible for financing.