Partnering with Water Matrix, Newo Global Water can complete free water audits, to assess potential savings. By using a year’s worth of water bills and current flow rates we can generate a water audit report. The report generated can give customers a conservative savings estimate and accurate payback period prediction.

This report can be used to make an educated decision, whether or not to retrofit your home or building, without any obligations.

Water Retrofits

For our retrofits, we aim to replace high flow toilets, showerheads, and faucets with high-efficiency models. The ultra-high-efficiency toilet model, we prefer, is made by Hennessey and Hinchcliffe. At 3 litres per flush, it meets and exceeds all city rebate program requirements. Our Showerheads are 1.5 GPM (5.68 litres/min) and our faucet aerators are between 1.5GPM and 1.0 GPM (3.785 litres/min).

However, we can work with any water efficient products to satisfy your needs.


Questions and Inquiries 

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